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 Let Go and Unwind with Watsu® 


Watsu®   is a safe and often pain free way to treat stress related symptoms such as neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and many different types of injuries.

This free-floating aquatic therapy offers many levels of healing to those who allow themselves to be guided through a series of stretching, acupressure, and movement through the warm waters of the hot springs. Held and cradled, you will feel  nurtured and able to relax into a deep blissful meditation.  You are supported by the practitioner, the water and floats placed above or below your knees.  Your ears are submerged while your face stays above water, so ear plugs are available upon request.

Watsu®  is performed in warm water while you are being completely supported which gives the body permission to let go and unwind.  Buoyancy relieves pressure from gravity, reduces tension on the spine and creates an opportunity for a deep and blissful relaxation.  

Watsu invites quiet reflection and often allows for emotional releases and restores feelings of peace and well-being. Many clients have referred to it as a life-changing experience.  Truly transformative.

"Watsu with Crystal was an incredible experience. I have tried a lot of different therapies over the years and Watsu proves to be one of the most relaxing to date. I would highly recommend it to those looking for a unique experience of complete serenity." ~ Cory A Shaw

                                          Watsu® Exclusively at The Springs in Idaho City $90.00 60 minutes
                                              Clients of New Leaf Healing Arts receive special rate of $75.00     

                                                   AQUAPRESSURE FLOAT ™        $45.00         30 minutes             


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